90-day Accountability Program


A goal without a plan

is just a wish.



So many people have goals that they never manage to achieve, because they don't create an actionable plan to achieve them.

The iusetime Accountability Program uses a tried and tested method for success. Unlike your standard coaching program, this model is designed to use your valuable time to it's maximum capacity.

Rather than trying to juggle weekly coaching sessions, the Accountability Program is a simpler, more practical and more affordable option.

We believe your success lies in the EXECUTION of your plan - less talking about it, more actually doing it! So with this in mind, we've developed a framework that's focused on your inspired, targeted, productive ACTION.


Step ONE

Download our FREE Goal Guide and complete the exercises to define your goals.

This tool is complimentary! So feel free to take this first step regardless of whether you choose to work with us as your accountability partners.

No need to print it out - you can type your answers straight into the workbook!

Your answers don't have to be perfect at this stage - just think about things you've always wanted for yourself, what you want to change most, or what is really front of mind right now. We'll refine them later, but we want YOU to identify them yourself in this very first step, because:

a) Knowing your initial goals gives us a chance to collate the most useful resources and tools for you ahead of time (we're all about time-saving!)

b) This will help us determine which iusetime Guide you'll connect with best and find the most benefit from being paired with

c) If you have the ability to identify what's most important to you from the get-go, and have made the time to give your goals this attentive thought, we know you're serious about making good things happen in your life and we'll be in the very best position to help you make it happen!


Step TWO

Now that you have your goals at the ready, share them with us!

Now that you have completed the exercises in your Goal Guide you're ready to send it to us for a look-see!

Once received, we'll work on assigning the right accountability partner for you AND hand picking some quality resources, tools and materials that will assist you along the way.



Your One-Hour Ground Work Session

We'll match you to the iusetime Guide we feel you'll align with best, and they'll be at the ready to support you every step of the way. You can do this initial session by phone, Skype, FaceTime or face-to-face if you're in Sydney. 


What to expect:


Your Guide will give you the time, space and support to clarify your goals, assess why they're important to you and build the self-awareness you need to make it a reality.

This part sounds a bit woo-woo, but it is absolutely crucial, because you need the right mindset in order to:

  • Understand what motivates AND what demotivates you
  • Deal with excuses and procrastination
  • Understand how your failures lead to success, rather than wallow in them
  • See the value in small changes that lead to BIG impacts
  • Feel empowered and in control of your success!

...and a bucket more reasons we could fill the page with!



Decide on clear, plausible steps to achieve your goals, and prepare for potential roadblocks and overwhelm. We'll work with you to break down your goals into our 90 day time frame.



Reading material, websites, ideas, tools and tips specific to your goals. You might have gathered by now that we're not keen on wasting time, so you can be sure we've sifted through the magnitude of material to find the very best material hand-picked for you.



Make it so, with your Accountability Partner by your side!

Once the ground work is set and you’re on your way to success, your iusetime Guide will become your trusted Accountability Partner (AKA, your biggest fan!).

We're here to keep you committed and motivated towards your goals.

What to expect:

  • A fortnightly check-in email for an update on your progress, celebrate your wins and analyse any of your action steps that aren't quite going to plan.

  • A one-hour call at 30 days* into your journey to deep-dive into your progress so far, and run back over on your 30-day goals 

  • A one-hour call at 60 days* to check in and chat through what's happened since our last call, and where your 60 day goals are at

  • A one-hour call or face-to-face session at 90 days* to see how you went! We'll go through your wins, challenges and next steps to keep you living a full, amazing life focused on continuous winning!

*All calls can be done by phone, Skype or FaceTime.



The full, 90-day Accountability Program is a once-only payment of AU$149.00 + GST.

This Program is literally HALF the cost of your daily cappuccino...

and we guarantee it's a heck of a lot more motivating!



Click the button below to download your FREE Goal Guide and get started!