Are you being authentically you?


There is a lot to be said for authenticity, are you letting the people in your life experience the real, unfiltered, uncensored you? Are you even letting yourself experience that side of you?

I’ve struggled with the idea in terms of what it truly means to be authentic, it sounds great, but how do you know if you’re doing it right?

I heard it summed up beautifully recently; being authentic to you is when you are coming from a place of love and not a place of obligation. You can totally feel the difference.

When we are being inauthentic it takes energy from us and feels draining, but when we are being our authentic selves, it is energising.... we feel light and ease with our decisions, behaviours and interactions with others.
We live in a world surrounded by expectations. They can be crushing at times and come from anywhere and everywhere… society, our family, friends or even significant others.  These expectations can lead us to become a ‘version’ of ourselves that we feel meets these standards, rather than just sticking true to who we really are and always moving towards the things we love and away from things we don’t.

Consider any interaction you’ve ever had with another individual, can you feel the difference when that person is coming from a place of authenticity rather than obligation?  

Take a recent transaction you had with someone in the customer service industry, I bet you could tell instantly whether they love or hate their job. If they are doing a job they love and being authentically themselves, they probably greeted you with a smile, asked you how you were, told you to have a nice day. On the flip side, did they avoid eye contact, rush through the sale, get you out of their lives as soon as possible?...  I’d take a guess that person was acting out of obligation and not being authentic to themselves.

So in all of your interactions and tasks, consider whether you are doing them from a place of love or obligation.

If you are doing them from obligation, and it feels that you currently don’t have a choice, can you find the love in the interaction or task before you do it?

Perhaps you are in a job you don’t love, but you feel you can’t just quit tomorrow, can you find a way to bring your authentic self into it?  Find the love in the fact that after an interaction with you, a person might walk away with a smile, or that you are contributing to a business that brings value and happiness to others in some way, perhaps you can find ways to be more creative and incorporate some joy into the little tasks – there is always joy to be found, even in the mundane.

Remember the more you move towards love, the more authentic you will be.

Being present in the moment helps too, when we are mindful that this moment is all there really is, we want to meet it with love and by being our true self.  We can’t truly embrace the present moment as anyone other than our beautiful selves.

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