Gifts for the Purpose-Driven

We all have that ambitious, passionate, conquer-the-world-type person in our lives that is impossible to buy the right gift for… in fact if you’re reading this, that person might just be you, in which case you should pass this on to your respective gift-buyers! 

Here are some unique, fresh ideas to please the go-getters in your life who have no time to lose. Spend your hard earned dosh on gifts that will support and foster that motivation, productivity and passion from your loved ones.


1. Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder (AU$40.00)

Sick of spending valuable time fumbling around trying to find things you’ve misplaced at the exact moment you’re trying to get out the door for some goal-smashing? Use your smartphone to locate regularly misplaced items with ease. Compatible with iOS & Android, your phone will pick up the Bluetooth signal of any item to which you have clipped your Chipolo tag. You can even find your phone itself by shaking your Chipolo!



2. Magnetic Poetry French Kit (AU$26.75)

For those planning global domination! Bump up those French skills quicker and easier with this handy kit of magnetic French words. Pop them on your fridge, or anywhere else in your frequent line of vision, and you’ll find yourself piecing together sentences as you cook up dinner. Oui, oui! 


3. 6-Month MINDFOOD Magazine Subscription (AU$39.00)

Give them a big boost into mindful, inspirational living! MINDFOOD is all about smart thinking and pushing the boundaries, bringing you intelligent, inspirational ideas and information. A completely integrated concept, MINDFOOD the magazine brings you in depth features on society, wellness, environment, culture, travel and food. 


4. Bucket List World Map (AU$49.90)

The perfect gift for that one person who keeps reminding you how much of the world they’ve seen, or who needs a boost to see more! This amazing poster lists an entire world of bucket list (literally), at the ready for your recipient to scratch off as they achieve them. Beneath the scratch-surface is a beautiful array of colours, pictures and detail, creating a beautiful poster that’s completely unique to it’s owner, worthy of framing (and continuing to scratch, of course!). 


5. Ullo Wine Purifier (AU$79.99)

Not that we condone drinking to excess and impacting your ability to keep kicking goals, but if you’re planning on having a drink or two, you might as well minimise that hangover risk so your next day is productive as ever! This nifty little aerating device that removes sulphites and purifies as your wine as you pour it, restoring it to it’s natural flavour and making you feel a whole lot better the following morning. No wasting away a day on the couch! 


6. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (AU$19.99)

An undeniable iusetime favourite, this popular, inspirational read is a must-have for any budding game-changers. Explore the importance of unleashing your creative side and finding your passion in this world. 


7. Bellabeat Leaf (AU$160+)

A fitness tracker with a difference, the Bellabeat Leaf is specifically designed for women. On top of your activity and sleep, it also tracks her monthly cycle, helping her understand her health on a more holistic level. Rather than a big clunky plastic band around your wrist, the Leaf is much more subtle and versatile. It looks just like a piece of beautiful jewellery. They’re all gorgeous, but we especially love the Urban Leaf in Silver – oh, so stylish! 


8. Gratitude Journal by Toni Carmine Salerno (AU$30.99)

No entrepreneur is truly successful without a deep appreciation for what they already have, and a connection to their true, spiritual purpose. This aesthetically beautiful journal holds blank pages and nurturing affirmations to help it’s holder collect their thoughts, express their deepest desires and reach their purpose. Salerno includes a beautiful introduction about the importance of bringing meaning and expression into our lives through creative thinking. 


...and for any of our friends and family reading this, yes, Julie and I would highly appreciate any of these items for Christmas! ;-) x

Sophie SonnenwirthComment