Julie and Sophie are both accredited therapists that love creating content for iusetime. This is their passion project, dedicated to helping people live their most fulfilling life. They coach under quite different modalities, which means iusetime content is always balanced and broad.

If you’d like to deep-dive into your own journey, we encourage you to read up on these two approaches and reach out to Julie or Sophie to schedule a session.



As well as being a massive influencer to the iusetime project, Julie Temple is also our very own Combined Therapy Cocktail Master Therapist and Transformational Coach. Her mission is to work with you to move beyond any limiting beliefs or behaviours that have been holding you back.

Do you wish you were living a life you love? Full of joy, abundance and purpose? Well, Jules is your gal. She is SO passionate about empowering people to be the best version of themselves.

As a CTC Master Therapist and Transformational Coach, she uses a variety of modalities including, but not limited to, Neuro-Lingustic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Work and Coaching to ensure that you are free of all that holds you back and to get you on track to move forward, towards your goals.

We all have unlimited potential, we all have the ability to enjoy amazing health, an abundance of wealth and true blissful happiness.

Are you showing up as the power in your world? 

Master Therapist of CTC -  Combined Therapy Cocktail, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Transformational Coaching



Sophie’s fascination with natural, authentic health and nutrition began in 2013 after a diagnosis of PCOS. Some determined health changes were to follow, all based on self-care and holistic health, and by 2015 there wasn’t a PCOS symptom in sight. This experience was soon followed by her husband almost losing his life to acute leukaemia, and her best friend passing away shortly after from a severe auto-immune condition - both events cemented Sophie’s belief that taking care of your health is simply not a negotiation.

However, we are mistaken when we think of authentic health as being only what we eat and how much we exercise. We each have our own precious list of things that make us whole. Food, movement, nature, relationships, work, spirituality, love - just to name a few. Sometimes a green smoothie is going to be the healthiest, most nourishing thing for you, and sometimes it’s going to be a glass of wine with your mum. The list is exceptionally different for everyone, and we can only find ours by listening to what our body tells us, with self-love always at the core. Knowing how to nourish yourself can only lead to a wonderful, joyful, full life, living as the authentic you. Enjoy what will nourish you. Enjoy it so much that there is no room for anything that doesn't.

Sophie’s coaching approach is strongly rooted in authenticity and addressing the whole person. She uses exercises, resources and a foundation of nutrition knowledge to achieve results for her clients.

Accredited Health & Nutrition Coach with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies