Life is SO Busy… But Are You Making Any Progress?


Do you ever feel like you’re constantly crazy busy, but nothing is actually changing?

Are you crystal clear on what your goals are, feeling that buzz of motivation to achieve them… but never actually seem to get there?

Chances are you’re stuck in a rut of constant planning (or hoping… or wishing…) but never executing.  

Say you have a goal of going to the gym 5 mornings a week. You carefully choose and prepare your workout gear the night before, set the alarm and get an early night. All these steps are great planning to making your goal happen – you’re setting yourself up for great success! However, if you don’t actually get up and go once that alarm goes off, or if your habit of hitting ‘snooze’ kicks in without you barely realising, it’s not long before you’re straight back to square one. Then the planning cycle begins again… next time it’ll work for sure, right?  

Without a doubt, that stage of highly motivated planning is a vital step in any goal-setting, and no goal will ever be achieved without it. The problem is that many of us have this tendency to spend so much time immersed in that planning, writing to-do lists, scheduling when we’re going to hit our milestones and getting generally excited and organised about our awesome goal-achievement strategy that the action steps themselves never actually happen. This is especially the case when the steps to achieve our goal aren’t something we always enjoy doing (like getting up early for the gym). We get distracted, or we get tired or sick, or work gets crazy or someone needs our help. We find ourselves delving into a well of excuses, many of which aren’t actually reasons.  

How crazy demotivating is all this?? No wonder we all seem to find ourselves spinning in circles. It’s no wonder so many people find their goals never manifest into reality.

In a (fairly bloody obvious) nutshell… planning is great, but doing is better.

So how do we fix this? How do we keep ourselves accountable, and make sure we’re not just dreamers, but doers?


We’ve purpose-built our 90-Day Accountability Program to pull you out of that planning-cycle and into real, genuine results.

We’ll help you set your goals in an effective, meaningful way, plan how you’re going to make them a reality by allocating your steps into 30, 60 and 90 day goals. We’ll keep you on track with personal fortnightly check-in emails, plus a phone call at each of your milestone dates to celebrate your wins, work through your challenges and remind why you’re doing this.

We’re not in your face 24/7, and we’re not here to make you feel guilty if you have an off-week – we’re all about being your support while you build your own amazing, positive foundation for success.

This is a really simple, easy way to start improving yourself and your life.

It’s a really straight forward, affordable option for those who need a little help staying on track (for half the price of your daily cappuccino, in fact!). It’s a short-term commitment, but it holds the opportunity to unlock massive potential in your life.

Commit to your own success and click here for more details about our Accountability Program.

You can even get started on Step One right this minute... so why waste another one?!



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