Do you need to come to your senses?

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We all know that we have five senses that allow us to experience this world.

We rely on them every single day without thinking about it too much, but how often do you indulge them and use them to create a feeling of love, beauty and abundance in your life?

If you’re blessed to have all five of these amazing senses, I challenge you to spend some time really engaging with them and using them to capture and saviour the life constantly happening around you.

Here are some ideas on how;

Feast your eyes!  We are visual creatures and we experience so much through sight. What do you love to look at? The ocean, waterfalls, mountains, the sky?  Perhaps you’re more of a fan of artwork, sculptures, buildings, a trip to a gallery or museum might be the thing for you. Whatever it is, feast your eyes often. And bring the things you love to look at into your home and work spaces. Let these things you love to look at become your every day inspiration.

Love me some sounds!  Is it the sounds of nature you are drawn to? Birds, waves, trees moving in the wind? Or is it enjoying a piece of music you love? Whatever it is for you, enjoy these sounds often and be mindful of the joy they bring you in that moment. Should you start the day by playing your favourite song? Or listen to a nature recording as you drift off to sleep? Think of different ways you can indulge this sense more and more.

On the tip of my tongue!  We can all probably agree this is one of the funnest! Go to a tasting, or a enjoy a beautiful degustation, try something new or indulge in your absolute favourites. Make sure you’re fully present in the moment when experiencing these things. Mindful eating is actually a great way to indulge, without over indulging – enjoy the tastes for what they are, appreciating the art and beauty of the ingredients.

Smell the roses!  Smell has such an amazing ability to take us to places in an instant, like smelling the perfume you used to wear when you were 15 and all of a sudden you are back there, reliving those awkward teenage moments! Find the scents you love, whether from nature, essential oils, candles, incense, flowers and bring them into your spaces as often as you can.

Touch! Get your hands, feet and body out in nature. Feel the water on your skin, sand under your feet, sun on your face. Get a massage, use body lotions and oils on your skin that make you feel good. Wear fabrics that feel great on your skin. A little indulgence in this area goes a long way for our feeling of self love and body appreciation. 

Let's not take our senses for granted, lets show them a little love as often as we can.

It’s just another way for us to move closer to the things we love and find beauty in this world, and who doesn’t want more of that?

Julie TempleComment