How To Cure Lost Motivation

We’ve all been there.

We’ve planned the perfect week – written a super-productive ‘to-do’ list for each day, meal-prepped our hearts out, booked our gym classes and we’re not even going to waste time on social media or in front of the TV.

We have the very best intentions to have an amazing week of productivity and success, but then it just doesn’t turn out that way.

Whether we’re held up at work so we miss our gym session, or a cracker headache or other physical ailment keeps us from ticking things off our list, or someone suggests a mid-week catch up at the pub which turns in to a full-blown bender… or just plain old procrastination seeps in. There always seems to be something at the ready to derail us from our great intentions.

It’s easy to be productive when everything is running smoothly.

Motivational momentum is only difficult to maintain when we’re faced with a challenge.

Practicing contentment in the face of strain is a wonderful skill to develop. Next time you feel yourself straying off track, stop and examine why it’s happening. What has distracted you? Why is this moment challenging? Why are your goals now more difficult to achieve? What can you do to resolve it?

It’s easier said than done, so here are some few tips to help you navigate through your next motivational-lull:

·      Be acutely clear on what your goals are. Having a list of productive things to achieve is great, but it means nothing unless you know WHY you want to do them. Your subconscious knows this, and you’ll be more easily derailed without any purpose behind those wonderful things. Check out our blog post on why your why is important.

·      Plan smart. You’ll be more productive if you focus on listing your goals and achievements day-by-day than you will be by committing yourself to a strict schedule of achievement ahead of time, which will ultimately lead to guilt if you don’t cross off as many items as you thought you would. Try the tried-and-tested approach by BestSelf Co., who have a beautiful date-less journal encouraging you to achieve big goals with daily focus.

·      Be kind to yourself. Guilt will get you nowhere. If you have a day of derailment from what you want to achieve, don’t wallow in it and derail the next day as well. Pick yourself up, remind yourself of your ‘why’ and why you’re worth success, and get on with achieving it.

·      Practice mindfulness. There is nothing more centring than understanding and appreciating life in the now. If your mind wanders, or if something isn’t going the way you plan, take a moment to stop and breath, or play a short guided meditation to bring you back to the now. The Smiling Mind app has a great library of short, easy meditations, particularly useful for beginners.

·      Filter out the noise around you. The less distractions in your way, the easier it will be to focus on your goals. Some of our fav ideas:

o   Unsubscribe from those email lists that you always delete without opening (if they were really worth your time, wouldn’t you be opening them?).

o   When you sit down at the computer to kick some goals, plug in some headphones and play some focussing tunes. Not only will you (literally) be blocking out distracting noises around you, but if your earphones are plugged into your computer, it takes more effort to jump up and get distracted by other things. It sounds minor, but it works. Spotify have an amazing list of playlists specifically designed to help you focus – try some out by going to ‘Browse’ > ‘Genres and Moods’ > ‘Focus’.

o   Follow us at! :-) Fill your Facebook and Instagram news feeds with content that’s going to remind you of how positive your productive choices are, so if you DO stray into the vortex of scrolling and double-tapping, at least you can be confident that you’re keeping meaning and purpose front of mind.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy – you’ve got this! x