Is anyone else stressed out by the ‘shoulds’?

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Lately I’ve found myself getting so frustrated by all the conflicting things I want to be spending my time on.

I guess you might consider this inevitable, after all I have co-created a passion project called ‘iusetime’, so perhaps the pressure is subconsciously on to ‘practice what I preach’.

But I’m really starting to annoy myself with it.

For example, today I took the dog for a walk and it was beautiful and sunny and she was so happy to be out and about with me and all the lovely people we walked by smiled at her as they often do, but in my mind I was thinking things like:

‘I should be working on creating some content’

 ‘I should’ve left the dog at home so that I could walk further and faster and actually count this as exercise’ (she has really little legs)

‘I should’ve gone to the supermarket earlier, what am I going to have for lunch when I get home?’

‘I should’ve meditated when I first woke up today, now I’m not going to have any time to fit it in’

All these things I felt I should’ve done, that I kept giving myself a hard time for not doing, were totally getting in the way of the beauty of what I was doing.

I was out in the fresh air, I sat at the beach and watched the calm water with my little best friend next to me....growling at me for treats. I was lucky enough to be having these moments, but my mind was all over the place.

There’s no denying that we are creatures with overly active minds, but today I made the decision to reel that shit in. It comes back to the power of being in the moment.

If I continually spend my time thinking of other ways I should be spending my time, how will I ever enjoy my life?

So if you’re like me and the 'shoulds' are driving you a bit crazy, make the conscious effort to switch them off!  Live in the moment of what you are doing and fully commit to the choice you made on how you are spending your time in that moment…… long as it’s making you happy of course, if you’re engaging in a behaviour you actively want to change, that’s a totally different story, and a blog post for another time!

Just remember to be in the moment… it’s when life happens xx


Julie TempleComment