What’s with the self-deprecating humour these days?

It seems to have become an every day part of our culture, funny memes and videos which point out the lack of success, ambition and motivation in our lives, whilst making fun of the fact that we are all living with social anxiety and dread of normal every day situations and interactions with people. 

I’ll admit, sometimes these memes are hilarious, but shouldn’t we consider that this type of self-deprecation might be harmful? 

If our young generation is happy to laugh off these negative feelings, yet they relate to them and live with them everyday, maybe we should be worried about the current mindset of our society.

Most of us are fortunate enough to live peaceful lives, with all of our basic needs and more met everyday, and by far more opportunities than the generations that have come before us…. Why does it appear that our young generation seem to think that it’s ‘cool’ or humorous to live with anxiety, depression or just pure disinterest in making the absolute most out of this life they have been given?

Perhaps a good first step would be to put down the technology for a day or two, get out into nature, reconnect with real friends, spend time with family and nurture our creative and intelligent souls – after we embrace the real world and not the ‘reality’ we perceive as real through our screens, perhaps this trend of anxiety and depression might not seem so funny any more.

Watch the video below for an insight into why our young generation may be facing these types of issues, and for more suggestions on how they can live a fulfilled and happy life.

Julie TempleComment