Why I Don't Have Bad Days

There are plenty of days, in my life and yours, when things go wrong and bad things happen for whatever reason.

A day last week got off on the wrong foot. It began with not enough sleep, running late for work, nerves about a big meeting, and my skirt zipper breaking the moment I sat down at my desk, forcing me into my gym gear.

I so rarely have a ‘bad day’ that the novelty of all these events happening in close succession meant I focussed hard on it. I started telling my colleagues it was a ‘bad day’. I started trying to think of the last time I had a ‘bad day’ like this one (which, gratefully, I couldn’t recall).

I was making an unconscious mistake, giving this brand new day such a negative label, and so much of my energy.

Have you ever noticed that once you tell yourself you’re having a bad day, negative things keep happening for the remainder? It wasn’t even 9.00am, and my labelling had set me up for worse. I was pushing such an intense negativity out into the universe, that it should have been no surprise what I was offered in return.

By the end of the day, I’d had to take the brunt for a major mistake made by another, realised that I’d completely forgotten to organise an important meeting, had an argument with my colleague, come down with a headache and just before leaving the office, I gave myself a huge paper cut across my palm. Throughout the afternoon my mind drifted to all the things in my life I considered sub-par. I began to re-count sad and stressful experiences from the past, and use them as an excuse to be negative in that moment. 

In all honesty, I cannot remember the last time I had a day like that. Neither can I remember the last time I labelled a day as ‘bad’. That’s just too much of a coincidence for me.

Your perspective IS your reality.

We all have the capacity to pause on a day like that, and change it’s course. Next time I feel the urge coming on to completely write off a day, I’m going to stop, and try one of these:


Find a quiet space and meditate for five minutes. 

Make a list of the positive things that have happened in this day so far.

Booking in to a yoga class for that afternoon.

Think of the last ‘bad’ thing that happened, and write down the silver lining (there is, truly, always one!).

Find a sm all, humble treat to indulge in - stepping out for lunch, sitting in the sun, or calling a good friend.


Once in a while, we’re all going to give in to that downwards spiral. It’s human nature. But next time you feel it happening, stop the deterioration in it’s tracks, and see if you can turn your day around. You have to force an abundance of shining positivity upon yourself, just shift your perspective a little, stop declaring that ‘this is a bad day’, and see what happens.

Our pull on the universe is stronger than we think xx

Sophie SonnenwirthComment