Find Your Purpose.

It can be such an exciting feeling when you switch off that day-to-day auto pilot and realise that

you want to do more.

 It can also be incredibility daunting – and disheartening – when you realise you have no idea what that ‘more’ is. 

Some people are lucky enough to identify that purpose early in life, and dedicate themselves towards making it happen. For others, discovering exactly what their purpose is can take time, effort and brutal honesty with themselves. It can be a long and stressful process, but also an exciting one that can teach you things about yourself and the world that you never thought possible. 

We have some ideas to help you minimise the fear and overwhelm, filter out the noise and move you closer towards your passion and purpose.



Dedicate fifteen minutes each day to simply take pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and commit yourself to writing out the inspiration that’s flowing through your head. You’ll be amazed where this can lead. Truly, it doesn’t matter what you actually write – you don’t need to have an end result in mind – this is a way to process through your thoughts, fears, ideas and to clarify those opportunities you might not even realise are available to you.

A great place to start is to write down your goals. Don’t just write the goal itself, write out the detail around why you want to achieve that goal, what will be different in your life once it’s achieved, how will it make you feel and what you need to do to get there. Hone in on that detail, and see where you end up.



When you scroll through your social media, is there a subject/topic/theme/person that you’ve noticed sparks a deep interest in you, but you’ve never found the time to unravel it further? A historical event or person, a foreign country and their culture, a different language you wish you could speak or perhaps a new idea or invention that you wish you knew more about? Whatever it is, schedule in some time, put the excuses to the side and follow it. Let your curiosity lead the way. Indulge in it. When something captures our attention, it’s a sure fire sign that the universe is trying to lead us towards our true purpose.



My aunty is 66 years old, recently retired and self-described as busier now than she has ever been because she’s taken up two new hobbies – line dancing and art classes – neither of which she has ever tried before in her life, and yet both are giving her so much joy that she dedicates an enormous amount of time to them. Both have led her to meet new people, and she’s discovered that she in fact has always had a hidden talent for art – her paintings are amazing!

Don’t wait for retirement to try new things – take that class, try that sport, join the local choir – whatever it might be, give it a try and see where it leads you.



We all draw inspiration from different places. Take some time to figure out where yours comes from, and immerse yourself in it.

It could be getting out into nature, having a conversation with people who have achieved similar goals to the ones you’d like to achieve, going to a seminar or networking event, reading books on topics that capture your interest, listening to music, sitting at a café and observing people, meditating… the list goes on! 

Learn to identify what brings out your creativity and motivation. Surround yourself with it as often as you can. 



We’re incredibly lucky to live in an era where knowledge is literally at our fingertips 24/7. Thanks to the digital age, we have access to unlimited information. Inspirational people share more of their expertise than ever before, and a lot of that is 100% free. 

Take advantage of the resources available to you to learn as much as you can. There is truly no excuse for boredom when there’s simply so much to learn.


Take it from someone who’s still embarking on this journey of finding purpose. It becomes more and more motivating as the pieces of the puzzle slowly start fitting together. Give these tips a try and, most importantly, enjoy the process. xx



Julie Temple4 Comments