THREE WEEKS - you did it!!



1. Find Your Values

Our values are the drivers behind each and every decision we make.

Understanding where our values lie is enormously useful in understanding ourselves - our feelings, opinions, choices and relationships all make more sense when we’re clear on what’s most important to us.

Now you know how to find true balance by building awareness across the 5 life pillars - mind, body, soul, purpose and connections - it’s time to look at the role our values play in achieving that balance.

If you’re creating positive change based on your values, those changes are so much more likely to last because they’re based on what’s important to you.

Click here to download our Values Exercise

Not only are you now primed to take action steps towards achieving happiness in your life, but grasping your values will help strengthen the ‘why’ behind those actions and help create long-lasting change.

2. Your Ultimate Booklist

We’ve created the ultimate booklist that covers titles that have inspired us across each of the 5 pillars.

Click here to download the list - you’ll never be short of something to read again!