REVIEW || Why You Should Read 'Big Magic'

Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic – Creative Living beyond Fear’ is beyond inspiring.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be creative, this book has a unique, spiritual take on the creative process and has motivated me (someone who would have never considered themselves in that category!) to experiment and play with my own creativity, without taking myself too seriously.

These are Gilbert's lessons that inspired me most.


1.     Society has convinced us that if we can’t earn a living from our creative efforts, or if we don’t receive recognition for them, then we should avoid creative expression.

Sure, maybe not everyone can live and feel fulfilled on an aspiring artists' wage, but why does that mean you should stop expressing yourself? You still have time for creativity. If you love it, don’t give up on it. Take away the burden of creating for money, recognition or status, and focus simply on the joy of it.

2.   Creative ideas are gifts from the Universe.

Gilbert believes ideas are like fairies, a spiritual life form of their own. They attach themselves to a person and wait for that person to find the inspiration and motivation to bring them to life. It’s a partnership. If you don’t take action on the idea it will give up and go find another partner, in the hopes that person will turn the idea into a reality.

3.     Don’t take the creative process so seriously. 

Create because you love it. Lose yourself in the magic of it. Often we forget that the journey is the best part.

4.     Let go of the fear!

Don’t let your fear of judgement or your insecurities stop you from creating magic… we only get one shot at this life, don’t hold back!


Reading Big Magic reminded me that I love to write. It gave me the motivation to get creative and see where it leads.  I've since written a children’s book, now in the process of being illustrated for publication. It may not put me on any best seller lists, but I'll be sharing something with the world that I'm deeply proud of… and to me, that feels like BIG magic. 



Julie TempleComment