Welcome to the

Weekly Work In Progress (WIP) Series

on the iusetime Podcast!


The Weekly WIP is a weekly episode on the iusetime podcast that’s designed to give YOU consistent, value-driven support as you set and reach your goals. Each week, we’ll be offering up advice and tips to keep you on track and accountable, no matter what goal you have.

Here’s the introductory episode for you, where we really explain what the Weekly WIP is all about, and why it’s going to be amazing!


Reminder: you can jump into the Weekly WIP episodes at any time - no need to start from the beginning - although listening to the very first introductory episode is going to help you understand the process.

First Thing’s First

Before you can join us on this journey, you need a really amazing, firm, relevant goal that’s heavily linked to your very own values. That’s the only way you’re going to get the result you want.

To do this, we have TWO introductory exercises for you to complete. The order is important - make sure you do the Values exercise first, followed by the Goals exercise. You can find them both here:



Now, jump on in!

Head over to the podcast on Mondays - or listen whenever you have the chance each week - and bring along your goal, and your journal.


…or wherever you get your podcasts.

We can’t wait to hear what you accomplish!